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I wanna give a quick review on A Crazy Date With Butch hot sauce. When I first opened it j could smell the garlic and my mouth began to water. As a hot sauce freak you learn to spread with a toothpick for your first taste. This sauce has a sweet taste with a little heat. I call this my everyday sauce.

-Chuck Horn - Customer - Edwardsburg, MI
The Screechin' Peach sauce is amazing. I used some as a dipping sauce for chicken. My friend also very much enjoyed it, drizzled over pizza last night. So the bottle went home with him. You have an amazing talent for combining a few simple ingredients and creating truly delicious sauces.

- Frank Schomburg - Customer - St. Clair, MI
A crazy date with butch- very tasty sauce almost like a fruitish like blend from the dates. Has a little heat to it with a nice garlic blend. Heat wise I'd say 6/10 or maybe 7/10? I recommend it!  Scorpion Pepper Sauce- now this is my all time fav! 2 drops is all I had and wow! 9/10 or 10/10 for heat! This sauce reminds me of the flash bang sauce from the Pepper Palace! If you want hot sauce this is it!

- Ryan Upper - Customer - Niagara Falls, ON

Best scorpion pepper sauce out there.  You've nailed the heat from (Company name removed) sauce with way more flavour.  Crazy Date With Butch gives an interestingly sweet onion taste.  It works great on tacos and on a pulled pork sandwich.  When will you be selling down here on a regular basis?

- William McLaughlin - Customer - Greensburg, PA

Wow.  We tried your sauce after getting a free bottle from you today. This date sauce is really great.  It's got a good strong heat level but the sweet garlic taste is really amazing and keeps you going back for more.  We've demolished 1/3 of the bottle already. We'll be needing more.

- Sarah Martin and Malachi Edwards - Customers - Kingston, ON
I officially put hot sauce on everything now thanks to you LOL! BEST hot sauce ever!
U should make purse sized portable ones so I can take it everywhere 😊

- Laura Nelson - Customer
- St. Catharines, ON

Had it on a Double Guilty Burger. Damn brother that sauce.was AMAZING! Sauce #1 for me and my son. We're Steam Powered now!

- David Bailey - Customer
- St. Catharines, ON