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Vinegaroon: Arachnid Acid - Zippy and Flavourful

Pulled pork and cabbage & pepper slaw made with Vinegaroon

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150ml "woozy" bottle

Continental U.S. Customers
150ml "woozy" bottle
Canadian Customers

Arachnid Acid

Heat Level: Mild

Vinegaroon is a great twist on vinegar. A premium Canadian white vinegar infused with the famous Trinidad Butch T Scorpion pepper. The vinegar is aged with the peppers to obtain that perfect heat you’ve come to expect from us. We wait for the right colour change to occur then into the bottles it goes for the loving public. It's not too much sting and the WONDERFUL flavours of the peppers really ring out in this beauty.

The heat level is comparable to our Black Molly sauce but the flavour is truly unique! Fries, coleslaw, fish and more!  it's a vinegar you can't do without

Ingredients: Distilled white vinegar infused with Butch T Scorpion  peppers.


Ingrédients: Vinaigre blanc distillé imprégné de Butch T Scorpion chiles.