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Smouldering Apparitions

A bowl of chili from The Old Crow with Smouldering Apparitions.

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ml "woozy" bottle
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150ml "woozy" bottle
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Smouldering Apparitions

 Heat Level: HOT!

Smoked ghost peppers. Three words every chilihead loves. 

Our Smouldering Apparitions is an amazing blend of Ontario garlic and onion with smoked ghost peppers (aka the bhut jolokia pepper) and yellow sugar.  It’s rich smoky flavour will have you begging for more and the fiery kick of the ghost peppers will have you scrambling for the milk jug.  Great with BBQ and meat dishes, It is great in chili or soups and adds a smoky kick to any stir fry. 

Ingredients: Vinegar, smoked bhut jolokia peppers, lemon juice, garlic, sea salt, yellow sugar, onion.


Ingrédients: Vinaigre, poivrons de bhut jolokia (fumé), jus de citron, ail, sel de mer, sucre jaune, oignon.